An online shrine space dedicated to 大口真神 (Ooguchi Makami), an ancient and wolf faced deity of the mountain fields and guardian of fire and theft. This blog will feature writings of my experiences with him as well as devotional or related images.

Spring Safe Driving Week

This week (April 8-14), in the Kansai region, is known as “safe driving week”. Everyone takes particular vigilance to be careful when behind the wheel (absolutely no driving under the influence!) or around the vicinity of moving vehicles (such as crossing the street). This also applies to bikes and public transportation. Make sure not to lean against the doors of buses or trains, among other things. Just take caution when getting on or operating anything with wheels (or wings, or anything that moves you places) in these next few days!

What I typically do to enhance protective measures is to hang an omamori (お守り) pouch (blessed and imbued through Ooguchi Makami) on my rearview mirror and on my bag or coat pocket (for when I go out). If you do not have access to actual omamori, you can always create a make-shift one (like a charm bag. Using high quality fabric will work very well) and write the words 交通安全 (kotsu anzen) on a white slip of paper (ink works best) and tuck it into whatever container/bag you’ve chosen to use. Add some sweet-scented herbs like citronella or horsemint for an extra kick (they’re also said to repel malicious spirits).

Typically, any omamori “expires” after about a year or after the wish is granted. You are free to do what you wish with the “retired” pouch afterwards but try not to reuse it - always get or make a new one. It is also not entirely uncommon to burn the old one and pray in thanks as it disappears back to the earth and air.